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Underwater World Singapore Tour

Underwater world : voyage to the bottom of the sea
World submarine is a central asia 's most popular oceanariums. He has more than 2500 marine animals of 250 species. More than 18 million visitors have been conquered by our exhibitions since it opened in 1991.

Underwater World Singapore is a state of the art leisure attraction with the rich variety of marine life are in the region. Located on Singapore 's 'Pleasure Island 'sentosa, it complements the many other educational and recreational activities available here.
starts from the sandy beaches and shallow rock pools of water 's edge. In addition to opening visitors 'eyes sparkle and diversity sub-life underwater world also plays a central role in education and conservation of marine resources. visits schools are actively supported, and a number of new curricula are planned. It is also a tribute to World submarine central many fish that live here, as blacktip and whitetip sharks, eagle rays and grandfather bellyseahorses, breedquite naturally - showing how they are comfortable with their environment.

Underwater viewing exhibits
i ) polar bears

a sub-exhibition displayed measure 2.4m in height, allows visitors d ''rub nnoses 'magnnficent with these people in Arctic regions. Three tiers gallaery allows visitors to observe the life of food has held three sessions per day. To further strengthen the blameless when viewing bears on land, a dry ditch concealed has also been installed.

Ii ) sealions and penguins
composed of 10 panels of glass, it is one of the oldest viewing galleries in the world. Visitors are transported one step closer to The World Antarctica, where they believe these animals frolicking in water, a simulated beach and the rock high k cornices. From a four-tiered gallery, visitors can view The Agile California sea lions during the daily feeding sessions.

Iii ) crocodiles and false ghavials
in this exhibition, visitors can view these awe-inspiring creatures in a mangrove-like habitat and respect the unique underwater environment of crocodiles and false ghavials. Furthermore, May you have even witnessed a opportuity yung and newly hatched crocodiles which are displayed through the glass window of the crocodile nursery. Look also heron, cattle egret, and bright scarlet ibis perched on crocodiles.

Iv ) pygmy hippos
a walk through a path winding rivers brings visitors face face with pygmy hippos which are either submerged in water or on land waddling. Watch the pygmy hippopotamus perform their graceful dance in the water (compared to their clumsiness on the ground). Dominated by the pygmy hippos in two glass-fronted viewing under pregnant, the waterway also displays the red and blue duikers. Located in four tanks are arapaima giant gourami giant catfish electric. The landscaping of the artificial rockwork, bank mud, waterfalls and lush vegetation fringing bring a touch exotic in this complex ecosystem.

Dolphin Lagoon Singapore

he first of its kind in asia - underwater world's new dolphin
the first of its kind in Asia - World submarine 's new dolphin lagoonat the central beach houses the Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins, commonly known as pink dolphins of his coat bubbles rose. Built at a cost of approximately s 3 million, the lagoon dolphin was specially built to simulate a natural environment similar to their original habitat. Containing about 30 million gallons of sea water filtered natural, the lagoon has a background of rolling sand to provide the Dolphins with a variety of water depth and is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches lined with palm trees.

At the meet the dolphin sessions, visitors can watch dolphins perform their natural behaviour such as spy-hop, flapping tail, etc. vocalizations Some visitors will also be allowed to wade in the waters under the direction of Staff in the world, to touch and feed these wonderful animals and very intelligent.

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