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How to reach Darjeeling !..

By Air:
The nearest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra about 94-96 kms away from Darjeeling. There are direct flight connections with Delhi, Calcutta and Guwahati. Tourists heading for Darjeeling can get direct taxis/cabs to Darjeeling from Bagdogra or one can head towards Siliguri first and get a transport there. There are a number of transport facilities available from Siliguri - one can reserve a taxi or choose to go by paying perhead (Rs. 80 - this varies from time to time) from the Bus Junction area.
Flight No. Destination Departure Arrival Flight Schedules
9W-601 Delhi-Guwahati-Bagdogra 1010 1350 Everyday
9W-602 Bagdogra-Delhi 1425 1640 Everyday
9W-617 Calcutta-Bagdogra 1110 1210 Mon, Tues, Sat
9W-618 Bagdogra-Calcutta 1240 1340 Mon, Tues, Sat

By Train:
The closest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP) about 88 kms away from Darjeeling. It has direct railway connections with Calcutta, Delhi, Guwahati, Varanasi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and other major cities of India. Once in NJP one can avail of taxis directly to Darjeeling or take an auto-rickshaw or rickshaw upto Siliguri and thus proceed to Darjeeling by getting a taxi as mentioned above in "By Air".

Some important train services:

(abbreviations used : Guw-Guwahati, Mum-Mumbai, Cal-Calcutta, Del-Delhi, Ban-Bangalore)


Train No. Destination Departure Arrival Train Schedules
Guw-Ban Express(Ban) NJP 10.30 pm 2 am Thurs, Fri
Guw-Ban Express(NJP) Bangalore 3.00 pm 7.50 pm Tue, Sun
Dadar-Guw Express(Mum) NJP 7.55 am 2.35 pm Wed, Sat
Dadar-Guw Express(NJP) Dadar (Mum) 2.30 am 11.20 pm Wed, Sun
Rajdhani Express (New Del) NJP 5 pm 1.50pm Tue,Wed, Sat
Rajdhani Express (NJP) New Delhi 12.40 pm 10 am Mon, Thurs, Fri
Darjeeling Mail (Cal) NJP 7.15 pm 8.15 am Everyday
Darjeeling Mail (NJP) Sealdah (Cal) 7.00 pm 8.45 am Everyday
Kanchanjunga Express(Cal) NJP 6.25 am 6.10 pm Everday
Kanchanjunga Express(NJP) Sealdah (Cal) 8 am 8.35 pm Everyday
By Road:
Darjeeling is connected to Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan and all of its surrounding hills. The major access to Darjeeling is via Siliguri which is connected to all the major cities.
Gangtok 119 kms
Guwahati 590 kms
Kolkata (Calcutta) 759 kms
Delhi 1389 kms
Kathmandu, Nepal 677 kms

from Nepal:
If tourists are travelling through Nepal and want to reach Darjeeling - there are several options available in order to reach the same;

There are daily flights from Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal) to Bhadrapur (in Nepal) - one can opt for any of the airlines available. Once in Bhadrapur, one can get a taxi to Kakarivitta (India-Nepal border), Rs. 100 per head or Rs. 600 for the whole taxi (in Nepal currency). From Kakarivitta one can get direct taxis to Siliguri and from Siliguri one can avail direct vehicles as mentioned above in "By Air".

If coming by bus from Kathmandu - there are two routes to choose from;
1) Kathmandu to Kakarivitta
2) Kathmandu to Pashupati

Kathmandu to Pashupati is the most convenient route because it hardly takes one hour to reach Darjeeling from Pashupati, but foreign tourists are not allowed to traverse these areas - restricted zone. Only Indian Nationals and citizens of Nepal are allowed to move across the borders. Foreign nationals should opt for the first route i.e. Kathmandu to Kakarivitta and follow the directions as given above.

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