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Tourist Attractions in Mauritius

* Port Louis: The capital city and chief port of Mauritius, Port Louis was constructed in the year 1735 by the noted French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais. This harbor is located between mountains which make it worth watching. Along the square there are ample numbers of French styled buildings, which enhances the charm of this tourist attraction in Mauritius. Municipal Theatre, two churches, one mosque, Government house, Supreme Court and so forth are some of them.

* Pamplemonsses Garden: In the year 1767 this spectacular garden was built by Pierre Poivre. 'Mon Plaisir', the chateau of Pierre Poivre is housed here and attracts people to a great extent. The indigenous species of plants, exhibited in this garden, dates back to several decades.

* Black River George: This is a national park stretching as area of 6,574 hectares. It was construction in order to save the natural vegetation of the island and make it one of the most important Mauritius sightseeing. One can walk along the greenery and reach the highest point of the island, Black River Peak as well.

* Ile Anx Cerfs: The beach and lagoon of this area are relished by the tourists. Apart from sunbathing, the water sports, restaurants, souvenir stores attract crowd in large numbers

These festivals are of religious origins but some of the religious festivals have become national ones. Mauritians are very religious people and the festivals are very often celebrated with much fervour and devotion.

Maurutius festivals
Maha Shivaratree- This festival also called 'the great night of Shiva' is celebrated by a pilgrimage to "Grand Bassin", a natural lake on the central plateau. Generally held in February, the pilgrims dressed in white proceed to Grand Bassin carrying bamboo contraption on their shoulders as a sign of sacrifice.

Cavadee -This religious festival is celebrated mostly by Indians of Tamil origin and is quite a sight. The participants after a period of fasting, have their cheeks, tongues and chests pierced with needles before going to the temple with their offerings on their back.

Divali Divali is celebrated by all Indo-Mauritians and also by people of other communities. Originally an Indian festival celebrating the victory of Lord Rama over the devil as depicted in the epic poem, Ramayana.

Holi - An Indian festival, where the celebrants splash each other with colours, sing and dance around happily.

Father Laval Day -
On September 9th, birthday of Blessed Father Jacques Désiré Laval, people of all communities walk to his shrine at Sainte Croix. A priest of French origin in the 18th century, Jacques Désiré Laval became the protector of the slaves' community and has become the symbol of compassion and love.

Chinese Spring Festivals -
The Chinese New Year's Day or the Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Sino-Mauritian community. This festival is preceded by a thorough cleaning of the home and is characterised by the traditional sharing of wax cakes amongst relatives and friends.

Eid-Ul-Fitr -
Festival celebrated at the end of the holy month of fasting, Ramadan. All Muslims celebrate this day with prayers at the mosques where food and cakes are shared. These are also shared with neighbours, friends and the poor.

Christian's festivals-
Mauritius has a big Christian community, mostly of Catholic faith. As such, most Christian celebration like Easter and Christmas are celebrated here with some of the same tradition as in Europe.

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