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Kuala Lumpur City Travel Guide

About Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
>> The History of Kuala Lumpur dates back to the 1800's.

>> In 1857, Kuala Lumpur was founded. The meaning of the words is translated to mean “muddy confluence” in the Malay language. The town grew under British ruling. Kuala Lumpur was the center of Selangor Civil War.

>> In 1880 it was made the capital of Selangor.

>> In 1881 Kuala Lumpur burnt down and it was then rebuilt in tile and brick. The whole city became more sturdy with the newer buildings that were put up.

>> In 1896 Kuala Lumpar became the capital of Malyasia.

>> In 1942, during World War II Japan briefly occupied the city.

>> In 1957 it declared its independence.

>> In 1974 the city became a Federal Territory.

Kuala Lumpur today continues to grow by leaps and bounds. A new transit system was built in the 1990’s to accommodate for all the growth of the city. It is becoming ever more populated because the people are finding the area to be such a nice place to be. New buildings have gone up, including the tallest towers in the world and many cultural exhibits have come into the area. You will definitely need to go and see the Petronas Twin Towers with its 88 floors. There is a restaurant and museum in this building also and tickets are free.

The Tourism Industry does great business in Kuala Lumpur. This is partly because of the tropical paradise weather in Kuala Lumpur that they attract travellers all year round. When you go to Kuala Lumpur you will see why millions of people travel to the city ever year. You won’t want to leave and if you do you will find yourself coming back again and again.

Kuala Lumpur Weather
Kuala Lumpur Weather - The climate is warm in the daytime and cooler in the evenings. This is all year round so travelling at any time of the year to Kuala Lumpur will be fantastic. The temperatures in the range from 21 degrees C to 32 degrees C and some liken the climate to a tropical paradise.

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