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China Travel Guide

Thronged with rich tourism resources such as impressive scenery, magnificent ancient architectures, refined rivers sights, beautiful waterfalls, abundant historical sites, China has a huge amount of destinations to visit. The country boasts of 29 heritage sites included the "World Heritage List" which reflects the wisdom and diligence of the Chinese people. Out of 29 tourist destinations, 3 nature sites, 21 culture heritage sites and 4 nature and culture bilateral heritage sites.

Apart from these structures and sites, China offers countless places to enjoy its wonderful scenery and a rich cultural background. In addition to, Visitors can enjoy a marvel fusion of natural environment and ancient culture. Today, tourism in china is rated as one of the top-ten in the world. With increasingly ‘tourist-friendly' developments in communications and transportation, especially at prominent tourist sites, the growth of travelers has been increased.

China is a cohesive and multi-national country with a population of 1.3 billion people from 56 nationalities in China. It includes Han, Mongolian, Tajik, Nu, Ozbek, Russian, Owenke, Deang, Baoan, Yugu, Jing, Tartar, Dulong, Oroqen, Hezhe, Monba, Luoba, Jinuo, Hui, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi, Zhuang, Bouyei, Korean, Manchu, Dong, Yao, Bai, Tujia, Hani, Kazakh, Dai, Li, Lisu, Va, She, Gaoshan, Lahu, Shui, Dongxiang, Naxi, Jingpo, Kirgiz, Tu, Dahur, Mulao, Qiang, Bulang, Sala, Maonan, Gelo, Sibo, Achang, Pumi, China comprises ample hot spots is a extra-ordinary to boost tourism and attract the global tourists from its ethnic backgrounds. This vast terrain possesses multiple nationalities, rich culture, scenery landscapes and most importantly its beautiful arts and crafts. One can also enjoy a wide range of cuisine and relish its vacation forever.

Places To Visit in China The Great Wall Hangzhou city
Jiuzhaigou Nature reserve Museum of Qin Terracotta The Ming Tombs
Moga Caves Potala Palace The Bund
The Hutongs Suzhou Yangshuo Place
Beijing Attraction Shanghai Attraction  
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