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The Ming Tombs Tour

According to the principles of geomancy (Fengshui), The Ming and Qing majestic sepulchers is a bunch of the Ming Dynasty during 1368-1644, including thirteen emperor's tombs. These are the several buildings of traditional architectural design and decoration which are modified by human powers. Over five centuries, they demonstrate the stability over on concept of control specific to feudal China.china

During 1368-1644, The Ming Dynasty Xian Tomb was created for Prince Xingxian and his wife, parents of Emperor Jiaqing. The tomb spreads in an area of 136.47 hectares and is folded in by huge length of walls. The construction of this site was started in 1519 and completed in 1540. At southern China, this tomb stands alone that is often referred to as the 15th Ming Tomb. In 1985, The Xian Tomb was gone beneath for state protection.

The Manchu rulers was established The Dong Tombs of the Qing Dynasty during 1644-1911. It was the first majestic burial places that are located 125 km east of Beijing in Zunhua County spreading in an area of 2,500 square km. there aretwo sections of the tomb area namely, the Houlong and the Qianquan.

The Houlong, the cause of a fortunate tomb site, starts from the Great Wall, widens along Mt. Shaozu and Mt. Wuling near Chengde. The area is distinguished by high ranges of hilly mountains and a fine-looking countryside. The Qianquan is also situated with the tomb that covers in a total area of 48 square km and is enclosed in geomantic walls of some 20 km. To the south, a red gate is found, used as the main gate to approach. The Dong Tombs was started in 1661 along with 14 tombs comprising of emperors, empresses, consorts, and princesses.

About 100 km west of Beijing, The Xi Tombs of the Qing Dynasty are located among the mountains. It was began in 1730 as a burial site for the Tai Tomb of Emperor Yongzheng.

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